Top Uses For Pyro-Guard® Plywood

Pyro-Guard is a company that produces fire resistant plywood. They also provide fire resistant paint. The Pyro-guard products are designed to help spread heat, increase flame resistance and to provide a solution to a potential fire problem.

About Pyro-Guard Plywood

Pyro-Guard Fire Retardant Plywood is constructed of an insulating core with an outer veneer surface made of three layers of adhesive coated, high density plywood.

A layer of asphalt sealant separates the inner plywood core from the outer plywood veneer surface. The asphalt sealant has been treated with a corrosion inhibitor and then sprayed with an electrically conductive coating (electrical traces).

A one inch (2.5 cm) thick layer of rock wool insulation is placed between two layers of 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick, high density plywood. The rock wool insulation is saturated with a liquid fire retardant.

The three layers are then laminated under heat and pressure to form one solid sheet of Pyro-Guard Fire Retardant Plywood, which has the appearance of ordinary plywood. The outer veneer layer is then coated with a surface finish designed to prevent any significant spread of flame or heat through the face, edges and core.

Pyro-Guard products are available in 4′ x 8′ sheets in thicknesses from 3/8″ to 1/2″ (9 mm to 12.7 mm) and in standard 4′ x 8′ sizes.

Fire Retardant Property Retention

Testing was done to determine the fire retardant property retention. The test was conducted on a sample of Pyro-Guard plywood that had been exposed to a fire for 50 hours and then gradually extinguished.

After extinguishing, the surface of the plywood was sprayed with water and tested for heat, flame spread and smoke. The results were that there was no evidence of burning, there was no flame spread and the carbon monoxide concentration was below the detection limits.

Proponents of this product say that it not only provides protection against fires but also protects you from hazardous fumes which may be produced in your home when a gas appliance is accidentally turned on.

Lower Insurance Costs

In most cases, these materials can result in a significant reduction in insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer a rebate on premiums if you use Pyro-Guard materials.

Paintable Plywood Surface

The paintable plywood surface can be easily painted using any number of paints available today, including paint specially designed for metal surfaces.

Non-Combustible Material Replacement

The purpose of non-combustible materials is to replace combustible materials such as wood. The problem with wood is that it does not extinguish easily and this can lead to a dangerous fire.

The use of non-combustible material is also helpful in the prevention of exposure to hazardous fumes which may be produced in your home If you turn on a gas appliance by mistake.

PyroGuard Plywood Specs Storage

Truthfully, the details of the Pyro-Guard plywood specs storage is not that hard to understand.Keep Pyro-Guard Plywood dry at all times. When storing it in outdoor areas and build sites, keep it covered and off the ground to prevent premature degradation.

 Uses For PyroGuard Plywood

You can use pyroguard plywood in different ways some of them are…

Plywood sub-floors

Partition walls

Wall structures



Stairway construction

Ceiling structures

Storage shelves

racks and bins

Decorative applications, such as wall paneling or wainscoting

Use of this product is effective against ground fires, bushfires and some types of industrial fires. It does provide protection against exposure to the fire itself and to some types of fire products.

PyroGuard Plywood was designed to be an alternative to traditional plywood in non-combustible applications. It has the same characteristics as traditional plywood, but was designed to be more durable and resistant to fire.

Advantages Of Using Pyro-Guard Plywood

PyroGuard Plywood is a product that has some amazing features.If you are going to do a project in a non-combustible application, then it is worth your time to research Pyro-Guard Plywood.

In many cases, this material provides the same characteristics as traditional plywood but without the fire or toxic fumes. Pyro-Guard Plywood can be used for a wide range of products from wall paneling to storage shelves.

The manufacturers of Pyro-Guard products claim the following benefits from their product:

* Pyro-Guard is an electrical non-conductive material which prevents you from being next to a potential shock hazard in the event of an electrical fire.

* Pyro-Guard ensures that your family will not be exposed to hazardous fumes.*

* Pyro-Guard provides you with a greater degree of protection against fires and it can result in a lower home insurance premium.

* Pyro-Guard Plywood does not contain formaldehyde.

* Pyro-Guard Plywood does not contain asbestos.

* This material is resistant to chemical spills, corrosive chemicals and acids.

* Pyro-Guard Plywood is resistant to scuffing and scratching.

* Pyro-Guard Plywood does not produce dust or chips when cut.

* This product is resistant to heat and water.

No Special Tools Required

No special tools are needed to install the Pyro-Guard Plywood. You can use common hand tools or power tools that are available in your toolbox. The product is easy to cut, screw or nail. You can also paint the wood with any type of paints available on the market today.

Pyro-Guard Plywood also has the same characteristics as regular plywood. This makes it easy to work with.

Increased Safety

Pyro-Guard Plywood is made of non-combustible material that will not produce hazardous fumes when exposed to fire. This means you are safe from more than just the flames themselves – your family will not be close to toxic gases, either.

Pyro-Guard Plywood is also resistant to many fires, due to its composition of insulation and non-combustible material. It also provides an excellent electrical ground.

Increased Square Footage

A lot of people don’t think about square footage when considering a house, but it’s something that really matters. It impacts what you can afford and how much space you’ll get.

You can expect that your home will have more square footage, because you are likely to be able to utilize it for non-combustible purposes.


The Pyro-Guard plywood is a safe and environmentally friendly product for non-combustible applications. It has the same characteristics as other types of plywood, but without the fire or toxic fumes associated with regular wood products. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to use their home’s space in innovative ways while still providing a high level of safety from potential fires.


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