Types of Wood Drill Bits

Types of Wood Drill Bits

Wood Drill bits

Wood drill bits are cutting tools with a pointed end that is used in woodworking to drill holes in wood. These drills come in different shapes and sizes with the most common ones being round, square, and triangular.

The most common wood drills are made of high-speed steel (HSS), which is harder than normal steel. Other common materials used to make wood drill bits include masonry, diamonds, and high-carbon steel. Here are the different Types of Wood Drill Bits:

Types of Drill Bits :

There are many different types of wood drill bits on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for your needs. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of wood drill bits and their benefits.

We will also discuss how to choose the right bit for your project. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced DIY-er, read on to learn more about wood drill bits!

Wood drill bits are broken down into three categories: twist, spade, and brad point.

Twist Drill Bits :

Twist drill bits are the oldest wood drills that have been in use for over a hundred years. These bits have a twisted shaft that helps in the removal of the chips from the hole.

The twisting motion also cools the drill bit. These are also called twist bits or spade bits, depending on the shape of the tip.

Spade Drill bits:

Spade drill bits have a flat tip that is wider than the rest of its body. This design helps to cut a larger hole that can accommodate bigger pieces of wood. The flat tip

The Drill bit has a series of cutting flutes that are found on the sides to help in removing shavings during drilling. The cross-sectional shape of a drill bit (round, square, triangular) will determine the shape of the flutes.

Brad point drill bits :

Brad point drill bits are similar to twist drill bits but have a point in the center that helps in drilling straight holes. The point also prevents the bit from skidding off the surface of the wood.

Ship Auger Bit

It is a type of Bit for drilling holes in the wood. These bits are used to hollow out long and cylindrical shaped drilled holes in wood materials.

The shape of the drill bit is like a tapered screw with the pointed end inserted into the wood. This type of bit generally comes in sizes ranging from 2 inches long to 6 inches long.

The ship auger bits are available in different shapes like cylindrical, conical and tapered. These bits are used to drill holes of different sizes.

The outer diameter of the cylindrical type is greater than that of the conical one. However, the conical type is used to drill large diameter holes.

The cylindrical type is suitable for drilling holes upto 1 inch in diameter while the conical type can be used to drill holes of 1-2 inches in dia.

Step Drill Bit

Step drill bits are another variety of wood drill bits that are available. These are used to create pilot holes of different sizes, depending on the depth of the step.

The length and width of the step will be different for each size created by these drill bits. These bits can be used for different types and shapes of materials, like paneling, plywood, and MDF boards.

Pilot hole bit

Pilot hole bits are also a kind wood drill bit that is available in the market. These help to make pilot holes without causing as much damage as other types of drills can do to soft or brittle materials like plastic, polystyrene foam board, and even thin metal sheets.

The pilot hole bits range from 3.5mm to 6.35mm in size. The bits are available as HSS or titanium coated and have a pointed end that helps in easy insertion into the material.

Forstner Drill Bit

Forstner drill bits are a type of flat-bottomed drill bit that is used to create circular holes in wood.

This type of bit is unique because it bores out the entire circumference of the hole, which results in a cleaner hole with no tear-out.

Forstner bits come in many different sizes, and are available in both HSS and titanium-coated varieties.

Materials Used in Wood Drill Bits

  1. Solid Carbide
  2. Cobalt
  3. High-Speed Steel
  4. Carbide-Tipped

The material that the drill is made out of plays a significant role in determining how fast or slow it can penetrate different types of wood. For example, diamond-tipped wood drill bits are used on hardwoods, metal, and plastic while high-carbon steel bits are only used on softwood.

Things that determine the speed of a drill bit :

Bit life is defined as the number of wood materials it can successfully penetrate. The longer the bit life, the better.

The type of drill bit you are using also determines the speed of the drill. For example, a high-speed drill bit will cut through wood much faster than a low-speed drill bit.

The size of the drill bit also affects the speed. A small drill bit will penetrate wood much faster than a large drill bit.

The method in which the drill bit is held also affects the speed. For example, if the drill bit is held perpendicular to the wood surface, it will penetrate faster than if it is held at an angle.

The type of wood being drilled also affects the speed. For example, a hardwood will drill much faster than a softwood.

The shape of the drill bit’s tip also affects the speed. For example, a brad point drill bit will penetrate through hardwoods much faster than a spade drill bit.

The way the drill bit is used also affects the speed. For example, if a lot of pressure is applied to the drill bit while drilling, it will penetrate through wood much slower than if minimal pressure is applied to the bit.

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